nellja allen


                                Hair: Red                            Height: 5’ 4”        

                                 Eyes: Dark grey/green        Dress: Medium (10)



Bored As Hell                                  Supporting                             Kevon Ward

ColoradoLand                                  Supporting                            Michael Starks

Rage of the Mummy                         Supporting                            Star Wizard

News Room One                              Supporting                            Luke Ostermiller

Dreaming of America                        Supporting                             Taiwo Oduala

Light Bringer                                     Principal                                 Emmanuel Eyaba

Great News                                       Principal                                 Taiwo Oduala                         

The Spy Who Went Home                 Principal                                 Mark Mook

Feet                                                   Supporting                             Darci Alishouse

Downsize                                           Supporting                            Ryan Johnson

A Woman’s Place                               Principal                                Ashley Nagel

Taking the Turf                                   Principal                                Ismael Valentin

House of the Generals                      Supporting                            Ganya Productions



Seaside Serenade                            Principal                               Hank Haynes/DCTV



Halloween Reads Live!                     Principal                               Colorado Media School

On-der-kini Infomercial                     Principal                              Scoop Nemeth

Valley View Hospital                         Voice Over Spokesperson     Run West Productions

CO Physicians Health Program         Hospital Physician                  Stage 2 Studios                      



Moondance Film Festival 2016          Host and Interviewer            Rachel Mains

GalaxyFest 2015                                Host and Interviewer            Michael Bliss

Intendence Film Festival 2012-2015   Host and Interviewer             Bob Webb

Blissfest 2014                                      Host and Interviewer             Michael Bliss



FIlm Acting                                      Paul Neal Rohrer                    Rohrering Success Workshop

Film Acting                                       Patrick Sheridan                      Film Academy of Denver 

Voice Over Workshop                      Corey Moosman                      Vocatus Studios

Commercial Workshop                     Chambers Stevens                  DSW Studio Works

Voice Over                                       Bob Michaels                           S.T.A.G.E.



Improv                                              Live Event Host                       Yoga/Pilates         

Mascot                                             Weight Training                        Voice Over

Multilingual:                                      English                                     German

                                                         French                                      Italian      

Accents:                                           German                                     French

                                                         British                                       Irish                                        

                                                         American Southern   

singing:                                            Operatic Cabaret                       Lyric Broadway

                                                         High Mezzo Soprano                G4-High A